Print Sales and Licensing

There's something about holding a new print of a great photograph that's just cool. It's the best way to experience photography, I think.

Almost everything you see on this blog or on my website is copyright by me and is available to be purchased as prints or licensed. I'm pretty easy to work with, easy to get in touch with and really want to make sure each of my customers get exactly what they are looking for. For print sales or licensing requests contact me via email using or phone at 330-620-3014 if you are in the States.

Print Sales

When you email, tell me which image you like, what size or size range you have in mind and what you're using the print for. I'll quote prices, the sizes of prints that I think will look the best and suggest print styles or finish - everything from signed archival-quality prints to stretched canvas and even these awesome metallic prints.  But all of that is based on what you have in mind and what you're looking for.

Licensing Arrangements

Licensing is just as easy. Contact me using the same email address or phone and describe your project and we can work something out. That includes non-profit, school and church use of images. Commercial licensing is priced at market rates based on a number of common factors. Non-commercial and non-profit licensing is still priced according to those same factors but we can be a bit more creative.

Other Arrangements

Every so often I get requests to shoot special places.  These can be homes, businesses, locations that have special meaning like old schools, where you first met your spouse, cities you used to live in, etc.  The dynamic range style I shoot most of the time is great for things like this, inside or outside.  Call or email and we can discuss what you have in mind.

Thank you very much.  I really do appreciate it.

Phone:  330-620-3014