Saturday, January 3, 2015

Once a Quarter Blog Post! Woohoo

I used to do this daily, but the zest for frequent posts has waned.  Recently I've been experimenting with Facebook and other social media and that has renewed my interest in posting here too.  I guess most people post on multiple platforms and it's mostly related.  Once every three months seems like a good, low-expectation way to get started with this again.  :-)

South of Peninsula in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is a series of trails and cliffs called the Ledges I think.  I know most of these places but don't often have the right names with the correct trail heads.  Anyway, I dropped a couple of kids off at Brandywine to ski for a few hours and beat feet south looking for a good place to shoot the sunset.  I had shot a few senior photos at this location this Fall as well as some family photos and knew the sunset behind the trees would be pretty good as long as the clouds and sky cooperated.  Driving to dinner on New Year's day I noticed a great looking sunset sky and was hoping for something similar.

This is a typical three shot set of exposures, combined, then modified a bit in Adobe Photoshop.  I also used a set of plugins called Fusion Express for some additional touch-up and noise correction.  This spot gets photographed alot, I think.  So I tried to get a perspective that wasn't as common.  When you walk up and see something like this it's instinct to walk up, frame the rocks and sunset and be done with it.  I walked around some, back and forth, trying to incorporate the trees.  They are such an obvious part of the image and, frankly, impossible to shoot around, that I decided to feature one of them.

Overlook, Ledges Trail, Cuyahoga Valley National Park

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