Thursday, September 11, 2014

OSU Band Skull Session

Before home games the Ohio State band performs a Skull Session at St Johns Arena, close to the Ohio State stadium.  The place is packed with people and many of them are regulars, attending each performance before home games.  Apparently many of the people in the nearly full arena don't have game tickets - they come just to hear the band.  It's an awesome environment, the band is amazing.  The crowd goes nuts when they march into the area in something like a extra fast double time.

The Hudson High School Marching band was invited to play last weekend, which is the reason I was there.  The Hudson band did a terrific job and many of the 'regulars' who came to listen to the performance were full of positive compliments as I walked around the area shooting photos.  I had a Hudson shirt on so they were coming up to me asking about the band, our hometown, etc.  

The shot below was taken from well back from the floor, I was after a look and feel of the arena right after the OSU band made their entrance.  The place was electric.

Hudson High School Marching Band, OSU Skull Session, Columbus, Ohio

The football teams makes an appearance as well.  It's a terrific pregame tradition.  I had no idea what I was missing.

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