Monday, August 11, 2014

Tilting At Windmills

Ever use a phrase and not really know what it means?  That's the way I was with 'tilting at windmills' for the longest time.  Even though I knew it was from Don Quixote and it had something to do with him fighting windmills (he thinks they are monsters, the blades are arms).  Whenever someone used the phrase in a business or social setting I always used to nod and say 'they sure are', not really sure what it meant (fighting imaginary foes or problems or generally doing something for no good reason).

Anyway, I found my own windmills in eastern South Dakota recently.  Under a nearly full moon.  I spent a few minutes laying in the grass out in the dark trying to line up these shot and it's long exposure.  Some of my traveling companions probably thought I was myself doing something for no good reason.  But I think it's an awesome photo.  :-)

Windmill, Oak Tree Lodge, Clark South Dakota

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