Sunday, August 10, 2014

South Dakota Corn With An Approaching Storm

Choosing one photo is always a struggle.  It's necessary but I don't like it.  When you shoot alot of photos you know you have to choose one that represents a place and point people to that.  At least that's what they tell you in the how-to-photograph articles online and there is benefit from that attitude, it makes you focus.  

After spending a few days in the rain and stormy weather this last week in eastern South Dakota I was wondering if I'd have any interesting photos to share at all, let alone struggle to choose one from many.  I got to hang out with some interesting people and shoot pictures of a bunch of cute kids but nothing I typically put on this blog.  I knew the area near us was cool - wide open skies, lots of corn fields with some wheat here and there.  It's very pretty.  But it was very cloudy.  Not the sort of clouds you can photograph, the grey think kind that just sort of sit there and don't move.

I had mostly given up (except for the cute kids and one of the coolest dogs I've ever met, I can post that guy here, I may do it soon) but the sun came out as we were all packing up to leave.  As some cars were headed down the drive way I was jumping around between a couple of sets of stairs and some balconies of the place we were staying.  The view was terrific, I just needed the sun and clouds to cooperate.  Things mostly lined up for me for about 10 minutes, and that's how I go this shot below.  There's a set of showers or a small storm approaching from the left, the sun had just started breaking through the clouds overhead enough to create some contrast and depth.  And voila, three exposures later and about 17 hours of driving to get back to northern Ohio, here you have the one photo.  

Until tomorrow that is. :-)  I did some night stuff and really want to share that.

Approaching Rain Storm,
Clark, South Dakota

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