Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The nostalgia of 19th century American Fast Food

McDonald's, A&W Root Beer and White Castle are mainstays of American fast food.  I'm not sure of the White Castle story and its history but McDonald's is obviously very well known.  A&W was always a drive in where you could get burgers and stuff like that brought to your car.

Back when the American diet was mostly eat-at-home I bet visiting these places was a real treat.  I think things have changed a bit since these signs were used at real restaurants.  This is a slice of what I think are the 50's or 60's at a replica working diner at The Henry Ford museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

I shot this handheld, three exposures but wasn't happy with both the noise and bit of camera shake I introduced on the longest exposure so I worked on a single exposure and tweaked it a bit to get the neon of the sign to pop.

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