Friday, July 11, 2014

Bridle Trail Through The Valley

The Cuyahoga Valley National Park is not far from my home.  I drive through it (or over it on a freeway bridge) getting to and from work each day.  It's a really cool place to have right next door and is a terrific distraction to/from work.  For years I've driven past this little trail that I could see from the Ohio Turnpike (a toll road, highspeed freeway) and have wanted to check it out.  Getting there requires hiking a bit on a city park through some woods that clearly don't get much foot traffic then you have to literally hike down a service road that runs parallel to the freeway.  It's marked as a bridle trail, look for hoof prints in the photo below in the mud.  But what's interesting is the trail marker going west says stay on the trail and gives it a name but the sign coming back (opposite side) says No Trespassing.  I figured since I didn't see that until the return trip I was ok.

Anyway, see if you can imagine walking underneath this really long bridge and coming out to the other side to see this trail, meadow and awesome sunset.  The wind was blowing these fluffy white clouds around pretty fast.  It was beautiful.  And one more time I said to myself "this is Ohio?". 

I had to shoot pretty quick and beat feet to get back through the woods and to my car in failing light.  That sort of freaks me out since I'm generally afraid of the dark and there's stuff in those woods, I could hear critters moving around out there in the dark.  :-)

Valley Bridle Trail, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Peninsula, Ohio

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