Friday, June 27, 2014

Down River

This is how it looks sitting in the front of a river boat on a fly fishing trip on the Lehigh River in eastern Pennsylvania.  Even though there wasn't a really active hatch on this day we caught a number of different fish including rainbows, browns, and smallmouth bass.  This was a two day trip - the first is learning the basics of fly fishing with an emphasis on casting and the second is actually being out on the water and fishing.  If you're new to fishing with a fly rod you need the first day's intro, there's definitely a skill and art when it comes to making consistent and reliable casts and if you just jump right on to the water you'll struggle.

We got lots of help from a fellow named Joe DeMarkis based in New Ringgold, PA.  He had to teach three guys in our group, each of us with our own different learning styles (including our own individual ability to actually listen to instructions).  He did a great job.  Even though we all caught fish, I got to the point that just making a good cast was satisfying enough.  The last trout I caught was a average size rainbow which came up and took a dry white fly as the light was failing, it was literally dark and I was lucky enough to see the swirl and set the hook.  Pretty cool way to finish.

Joe's contact information is here:, 570-691-5476.

Lehigh River Fly Fishing Float Trip

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