Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wintry (or is it Wintery?) Weather Coming

As I write this the weather folks are predicting anywhere between six and ten inches of new snow across the area (northern Ohio) in the next day and a half.  I think it's great, I love fresh snowfall.  It cleans everything up a bit and makes for some cool photo opportunities in an otherwise bleak looking landscape.

For tonight, as we wait on the snow, we have the fire burning and Netflix streaming.  Not a bad evening ahead at all.   

Happy And Warm Fireplace On A Wintry Evening

Oh, and it appears that the term 'wintry' is the right one.  I checked online and that seems the consensus.  I know someone good at these sorts of questions, I'll confirm with them but the Internet never lies (ha!) so I'm going with it.

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