Thursday, January 9, 2014

Still Have a Lead

My son's middle school basketball team was invited to play a few minutes of half court basketball at the Kent State vs Ohio University college game recently.  During the second half I wandered around and shot some pictures of the gymnasium.  Usually indoor sports facilities have all sorts of wide ranges of light and interesting stuff like girders in the ceiling which make geometric patterns.  The problem I usually have is shooting with people around - they don't look good in longer exposures as ghosted blurs or it's painful and time consuming to layer them back in from shorter exposures.

I think I got this one done pretty well though - the lights and structures in the ceiling look pretty cool and the folks on the floor aren't blurred too badly, it still looks like a basketball game.  And although it wasn't on purpose, the home team still has the lead at this point.  They eventually lost.

Kent State Basketball Home Game, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

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