Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hobbits Walked Here (In My Mind At Least)

I was looking for something green with running water to post during this post winter-storm of super cold air here in the midwest.  I could have gone straight for a beach photo but that was too obvious and probably too much too fast, right?  So, here you go, lots of green with water that actually moves instead of the not-moving stuff we have all over the ground right now.

I like to pretend that Hobbits could have been walking around this place - cool and wet and a happy feeling, at least when I was standing there.  This is one of many bridges we crossed on a number of hikes in the Smokey Mountains last spring.  I have so many decent photos just waiting to be processed and shared, I've decided to try to mine the archives at least a few times each week this winter.  And if I stick with the mining metaphor that means I need to dig up some dwarf-like environment from Tolkien's books next.  Hmm, that may be tricky.  :-)

Happy Hobbit Bridge, Great Smokey Mountains, Tennessee

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