Friday, January 31, 2014

Bend In The River

A good friend of mine told me about the mist rising from the river and how cool it looks in the early morning sunshine particularly during this most recent cold stretch.  So I got up before sunrise, found a spot near the Cuyahoga River and got in place.  Except I was dressed for work and not prepared to spend two hours in 5 degree weather.  This is probably the coldest I've been in years.  I realized on the hike back to the car that my feet were so cold they hurt, something between and ache and a burn.  Once I got to work I wore my hat and an extra fleece for a couple of hours and drank tea just to warm up.  It took a while.  I'm getting weak and this really sort of bothers me.

But the shooting was awesome, the later cold walk and slow warm-up aside.  As I moved around along the river bank watching the sun rise and just enjoying being outside I saw all sorts of interesting things.  A large owl flew right overhead and landed in the trees across the river - it had to be an owl, it was huge, body was large, not shaped like a raptor like an eagle or a hawk.  Then as I was looking upstream two river otters swam right up near me, stopped to check me out then turned around and went back downstream. I have some video of that.  I read online there are now otters in this stretch of the river, a good sign because they're not tolerant of pollution.  Deer are everywhere around this area and this morning's shoot was no exception but this time I found where the deer were either crossing the river, had bedded down or were coming to drink.  

Oh, and the photographs.  This is one of a bunch from this series.  There will be more.  :-)

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