Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Walking To The Sun

Art Show Reminder

All of downtown Hudson and First and Main is being turned into a huge Art Walk Thursday night.  There will be live entertainment including musicians and performance artists as well as a variety of other art on display and being showcased all around town.  Here's their website:  HeART Of Hudson Art Walk

As I've mentioned before I'm one of the artists and am so happy with the location I was given.  I'm displaying some of my prints in Janet Rhodes' Fair Trade store right on Main Street.  The store specializes in Fair Trade goods sources from artists from all over the world.  Fair Trade means the products you are buying were created or produced by individuals working in safe workplaces, with age-appropriate work rules, in an environmentally friendly way and that these artists were paid a fair wage.  The store is run by Janet Rhodes and is right in the middle of Main Street.  Their website has location information, a description of the types of products they carry as well as location and hours:  Janet Rhodes Free Trade Web Site

Walking To The Sun

Every so often I don't get out early enough to catch the sunrise when it's low on the horizon.  On these days I have to improvise a bit and sometimes work a little harder to get a shot I like.  Here's a great example, it late morning on a recent Saturday or Sunday nothing was working for me.  This was the only shot I made that day (I shoot three exposures and combine them, so a 'shot' is actually three shots).  The trick here was moving around just enough to get the path to lead away in the distance into the sun.

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