Thursday, October 10, 2013

Janet Rhodes Fair Trade Store In Hudson

HeART Of Hudson Art Walk Tonight

Tonight, 5pm - 9pm in Hudson is the second annual (I think it's the second one) Art Walk.  Lots and lots going on.  Schedule of events, a list of artists and other details are right here:

I'm displaying a few prints myself at Janet Rhode's Fair Trade, a retail shop right on Main Street.  I'll be hanging out there most of the evening but hope to get out and see some of the performances and other art work some time in the course of the evening.

Fair Trade Store At Night

After we hung the prints and tidied up a bit I shot a few pictures of the newly installed window display featuring a number of goods that Janet has for sale arranged by of the the store's staff, a really nice college student who had to put up with me hanging and rehanging my prints while she was trying to get real work done setting up the window display.  I think I was in her way all night.  :-) The light up pink ribbon is obviously in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Anyway, this is the view from the sidewalk after we locked up and were headed off to Starbucks.  If you are curious my stuff is hanging on the inside wall to the right.  If you want to see which prints, you need to come tonight.  :-)

Janet Rhodes Fair Trade, Hudson Ohio

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