Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Inside the New River Gorge Bridge

Instead of a photo of a bridge or a photo shot from the bridge, how about one taken from inside the bridge instead?  This is shot from just over halfway across from the underside of the New River Gorge Bridge is south central West Virginia in the US.  For a fee, local operators run tours allowing us to walk the bridge and carry cameras, which I did of course.

This is shot looking down (clearly, right?) at the New River at a set of rapids that were recently run by a group of rafters.  The water is over 800 feet below us at this point.  I think the max drop from the bridge is 876 ft.  It's just over 3000 feet across.

You can get a sense of just how high we were at the time from this photo.  If you look closely there may be people or rafts visible.  And even if tripods were allowed they would have done no good.  The entire bridge vibrates quite alot as large trucks pass overhead and as the wind blows.  You can see the hand railings visibly move as vehicles came over.  This image then is handheld, three exposures.

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