Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Spring Sports Collection

If you have a lacrosse, soccer or baseball player or you just like these sports then I have something you may like.  About a year ago I started looking for what I call 'special' shots of different playing fields, goals, etc. of each of the sports.  I have at least once photo in each of lacrosse, baseball and soccer that I consider to be special.  These are really popular when I show them to people so I'm happy to announce that each one is available as a canvas print.  Printing on cavas is nice - no expensive framing to worry about and the finish and texture lends something really cool to these kinds of prints.  Details on sizes and pricing at the bottom of this post.

Lacrosse Goal In A Storm - whether you're instinct is to defend or attack, this is one cool photo.  :-)

Girls Lacrosse Stick and Ball - so the title needs a little work but the contrast of the stick and ball on the green grass in the setting sunlight was so pretty I had to shoot it.  This photo was not planned, it just sort of happened.  The stick and ball belong to a really nice kid who's still playing the sport.

After The Teams Are Gone - two baseball teams cleared out right before I shot this.  You can see where the ump last cleaned off the plate, footprints in the dirt and all sorts of neat details in this one.  The lights were still on and the sky was just awesome.  Early summer evening on a baseball field.

Soccer Goal In The Sky - I shot this about the same time of day as the baseball photo just above.  Not unlike the lacrosse goal above you can probably categorize every soccer player's reaction to this as either defensive in nature, like a goalie protecting their turf, or attacking.

Some information about prints...Each of these is available as a canvas print.  Printing on canvas is cool and convenient - no framing, just hang it and you're good.  The canvas frames about a little over an inch thick and the scene wraps around the back and onto the side a little bit.  It's a cool look with some depth to it.

There are two sizes - 20 inches x 30 inches for $99 and 24 inches by 36 inches for $129.  Email me at or call 330-620-3014.  Delivery takes about a week but I do have a number of them already printed if you want to see them in person first.

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