Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sunrise On the Bayou

Or is it a swamp?  What really is the difference anyway?  It turns out that the main difference between a swamp and bayou is the flow of water or the lack of flowing water.  At least I think that's right.  Making things a little more confusing, the body of water in this image is connected to Lake Pontchartrain  which I've learned recently is actually a tidal estuary.  

Anyway, this photo was actually taken by my twelve year old standing in the mud and muck along the side of the water.  I did the post processing and had the camera set to auto bracket three exposures but composition and framing was all done by a twelve year old.  And he even approved the few steps we did in post including some lightweight HDR, noise correction and some contrast changes.  Pretty cool.

Sunrise Over Lake Ponchartrain, Louisiana

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