Monday, January 21, 2013

Heinz History Museum

Pittsburgh is a pretty cool town.  It's about two hours from where I live and is the home to a famous football team that I grew up disliking but otherwise it's a nice place to visit.  There are a number of museums and other attractions that make visiting with kids worthwhile.  This photo is from the Heinz History Center ( near a downtown district called the Strip.  It was hopping for a Sunday morning recently - there were lots of people out and walking around the open restaurants shops and street vendors near the history center.  Our wait for breakfast was so long we found a nearby donut shop and got donuts to eat while standing in line.  The donuts were fresh and hot and excellent.

Anyway, the shot below was made looking straight up at a four story drawing of the city of Pittsburgh, depicted over time.  If you look closely you'll notice there are four sections of this drawing, each on a different floor on the wall.

Heinz History Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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