Sunday, January 13, 2013

Early Morning At the Gym

Many of the images I share on this blog are taken in the course of normal every day life or things I'd otherwise be doing.  I'm always on the lookout for something interesting or capturing regular scenes, just in a slightly different way.  Sometimes that's using some post processing technique like HDR, other times it's just putting the camera is a different position, like on the ground and shooting up.  In this case I did both.

One of my kids had an early basketball game at a facility in Twinsburg, Ohio called Pinnacle Sports.  It's a combination of facilities for basketball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, etc.  If you have a kid in sports in northeast Ohio, chances are you've been to one of their facilities.

Anyway, we were one of the first groups to arrive so I was able to get some shots of the basketball side of the facility without too many people in the way.  I put the camera on the floor and used the lens cap to tip it up just a bit (a good trick for extremely low angle shots like this) and set it on self timer to shoot three exposures.  The couple of kids who walked in front of the lens did so during the 20 second exposure so they are effectively invisible.  If you look closely there's just to the slightest bit of ghosting under the far hoop.  A couple of kids were shooting baskets way over there.  

Pinnacle Sports Gymnasium, Twinsburg, Ohio

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