Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Quick Air Tour Of The Country

I live in northern Ohio in the central US as many of you know already but I recently flew from Minneapolis to Los Angeles.  According to the flight crew it was unusually clear for the entire trip.  I scored an exit row seat next to the window so of course I was shooting pictures most of the way.  Seeing the geography and conditions change as we flew across the country was really interesting.  In that one trip we saw a bit of everything - cold north central states, covered with snow; agricultural areas dominated by round fields created by irrigation systems that rotate in circles; parts of the southern stretches of the Rocky Mountains and even some lakes formed in the deserts of the southwest in what I believe is Nevada as we were making our way into LAX.  All of this is about four hours.  It was very cool and I loved it.

Here's an obvious shot out the airplane window of what I am guessing is Wyoming based on the mountains.

Wyoming from forty thousand feet and seat 17F.
A couple of hours later and we were flying over the desert in the American southwest.  I believe this is Lake Mead just east of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Same seat, of course, but I include the window just to be sure everyone understands I was sitting in a plane.  As if the wing sticking out wasn't enough of a clue.  :-)

It was a chilly 7F degrees  in Minnesota but a comfortable 60F in Los Angeles when we arrived.  I don't mind the cold much at all but it sure felt good sitting in that warm southern California sun for a few days.

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