Monday, December 3, 2012

Ski Season Is Upon Us!

I was emailing a friend earlier today about skiing in Colorado.  It made me think about the last time I was on skis late last year, in mid March, and how great it was to be in Colorado and be able to spend some time in the mountains again.  The United States is full of lots of cool and interesting places and so much geographic variety, but I'm always drawn back to the mountains.  I happen to have spent more time in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains than anywhere else so that's where my mind goes when I think snow covered peaks and the mountain lifestyle.

This photo is a stitched panorama of a number of photos shot from the top of the Breckenridge t-bar.  It's a tow-lift that many skiers would recognize.  Interestingly, these sorts of lifts are often used on both beginner hills and on access to expert-only terrain.  I always assumed they were used in expert areas because they were easier to build and keep running at high elevations in windy environments.

In this case the photo is looking down on most of the Breckenridge resort.  The town itself is off to the right in the image.  To the left is North Bowl, I think.  And the right is Horseshoe Bowl.  Both double blacks.  There were a number of either easy doubles or single blacks just to the left after a short traverse.  The sun was warm so the snow was soft and helped with my confidence.  I think we were about twelve thousand feet or so when I shot this.  Click on the image below to see it bigger.  This view never gets old.

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