Friday, December 7, 2012

Falls Down The Steps

Once the cold weather starts and sticks around the National Park Service closes this lower access to Brandywine Falls because the spray from the falls covers the steps and walk way in ice and it's dangerous to walk across.  I've been tempted to jump over the gate and sneak down there when it's ice covered but with my luck I'd get hurt.  And it's not very smart.  People have died at these Falls because they weren't being very smart.

This spot gets quite a bit of traffic in all sorts of weather because the Falls are so big and so easy to get to - there's a nice parking lot, smooth gravel walk way and this wood boardwalk and stairs that leads you around  to different viewing areas.  It's quite nice.  But finding a unique angle for photography that hasn't been shot before is a challenge sometimes.  The morning I shot this I was with two of the kids, it was cold and we were standing there wishing for the sun to make it over the surrounding trees and cliffs.  Those cold rocks and shadows just suck the heat out of you if you're not dressed well.  When the sun got high enough we almost immediately felt that little bit of warmth on our faces that perks you up and makes you feel better.  Not quite warm, but better because you knew warm was coming.

Brandywine Falls, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio

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