Sunday, December 2, 2012

A View From The Inside

Look closely at this and you'll realize this image was shot from inside a very large lighted Christmas tree.  The tree is not unlike the one you see in the lower center of the image, except it's quite a bit bigger.  Big enough that it's easy to walk inside and stand up.  I got the idea watching a bunch of kids do it a few minutes before I took this.  It's disorientening standing inside the tree looking straight up into a web of lights.  But very cool.

In a way this image feels like being back stage of a Christmas production of some sort.  You can see wires and extension cords and stuff and are inside the display looking out.  Those are shops and restaurants along the main road through Hudson along the bottom, most of which are decorated for Christmas.  It's very pretty and it's all just aching for a few inches of snow to make it complete.  For those of us who love winter, I hope it's soon.

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