Monday, November 12, 2012

Driving Around Waiting For the Parks To Open

I had a morning available recently to get out and get some photos. I was driving around the Cuyahoga Valley National Park looking for a place to shoot.  The days are getting shorter which makes my habit of shooting sunrise and sunset a little tricky.  Particularly when it comes to keeping my day job.  Anyway, I'm up and out early watching the sky light up in the rear view mirror but all of the trails were still closed - the access roads have large wooden gates that the park service open and close each morning and night.  Every one I stopped at was closed.  I was getting nervous.  Whoever was on duty was sleeping in I guess.  The Park guys are awesome, btw.  Every encounter I have in this Park or any of the others has been great.  I was just hoping to see them a bit earlier this day.  :-)

So the best I could do was shoot away from the sun at these series of trees reflected in a pond on a golf course just south of Peninsula.  It's been on my list to shoot for a while.  The sepia-like treatment I chose fit the mood of the scene - a bit dark and contrasty.  Although you can see flecks of reflected sunlight off in the distance on the lower left.

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