Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Amazing Sports Facility In Geneva

I take my camera everywhere.  If you read a few of these blog posts you'll see that some of my favorite shots are lucky coincidences of finding something interesting while I had my camera with me.  In this case I was watching and shooting photos of my daughter's soccer game last weekend.  I shoot a decently large number of sports and action photos and share those with my kids' teammates and their families.  I've started shooting the fields and surrounding environment too.  It's a series I call Outside The Lines.  Here's the latest addition to the category.  Even though I was shooting action photos I brought my favorite wide angle lens along just in case.  In this case, the best shot of the day happened because I was lucky enough to have that extra lens with me.

This shot below is one of many fields in an amazing facility in Geneva, Ohio.  Their website is http://www.spireinstitute.org/.  I had no idea the facility was as large, nice and diverse - just about every sport you can think of is represented here with first class equipment - fields, courts, tracks, etc.  And it's growing.  Their investment and development plan is impressive.  

The repeating patter of the rafters and the support structure of the roof and the lights along the ceiling was too much for me to resist.  The lines of the field just added to the cool, wide angle view.  For this shot I put my widest lens on top of my camera bag and composed as best I could without being able to see through the view finder too well.

Indoor Soccer Field, Spire Institute, Geneva, Ohio

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