Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Hour At the Fess Parker

It's been a while since I've posted.  The usual excuses apply.  I'm afraid I've squandered a wonderful Fall season in northern Ohio.  But there are still some leaves on the trees and interesting shots to be had so I'm hopeful I can get going again.

In the meantime I'm lucky to be in southern California for the week.  It's warm and sunny and just nice.  The group I'm this week had an organized event earlier in the day, ending with a short happy hour outside overlooking the Pacific Ocean between Santa Barbara and the Channel Islands just offshore.  It was terrific, just standing there and soaking it all in.

This photo happens to be from the top of the Fess Parker hotel in Santa Barbara looking west into the setting sun.  The coast here happens to run east and west so the water is to the left in the photos, which is south.

Courtyard at the Fess Parker Hotel, Santa Barbara

The hotel itself is staffed by a bunch of very helpful people (first hand experience today by me) and is in a terrific location.  You can find out more about the property on their website here:

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