Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sunny Lake Sundown

I've posted photos of Sunny Lake in Aurora before and I think told the story of how it was drained, restocked and closed to fishing for a few years.  Now it's a great fishing lake, surrounded by a walking path and some pretty views.  The boys wanted to go fishing (they're worried about the onset of winter and the end of fishing for a while) so they took their poles and I took a tripod.

This was the sort of afternoon with varying weather, almost every half hour - steady rain and wind would give way to bright blue sky and big white clouds.  I've mentioned on this blog before that bad or changing weather is terrific for nature photography.  It really is.

Just as the boys were getting tired a large cloud bank drifted over exposing the western sky.  With the sun lower in the sky it lit up everything facing west.  This shot is on the western bank of the lake, facing east as the last bits of the sun light up the far trees and the clouds behind them.  Seconds (yes, seconds) after the last exposure and it was grey again.

Sunny Lake Park, Aurora, Ohio

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