Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nighttime In the Philly Theater District

I snuck out late one night and shot some street photos in and around the Philadelphia theater district.  I've really only experimented with street photography at night and this is one of my earliest examples.  In this shot I was on the opposite sidewalk shooting back to this very cool building.  There are some light trails and other residue of cars as they drove past which I was hoping to capture to add a sense of movement or action to the photo.

As usual I have a number of other images from this evening out shooting but I'm really resisting the temptation to post more than one.  I think it's important to be in the habit of picking the best, or at least what I think is the best of the set.  Which means I can't show you the photos of me standing in the middle of the road shooting as cars drive past me on both sides - they have these little islands near the intersections made of brick that are out of the flow of traffic but it appears that I was just standing on the street.  The vantage point I had standing there with the camera was great but the photo below is technically much better.

Philadelphia Theater District At Night

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