Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Huellas en La Arena

I write bad post titles in English and they probably only get worse in Spanish.  In Spanish, at least my vocabulary is so limited I can't be too clever.  This photo was taken on a beach about an hour by car south of Cancun in a town called Playa Del Carmen.  Playa means beach in Spanish so I get confused about whether I can say the beach at Playa Del Carmen or not.  Probably someone is laughing right now as they read this and realize I'm just another American who can speak only one language.  It's like saying 'please RSVP' when you send out an invitation.

Anyway, I found a filter look that I really liked on this photo, it has a older film feel to me that mutes the colors a little bit but still preserves the texture and detail of the sand.

Playa Del Carmen,  Quintana Roo, Mexico 

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