Friday, September 7, 2012

Chasing The Storm

Recently, a few storms rolled through the area in the middle of football practice.  This is the second or third time this has happened already this season.  Ironically we had the driest summer many of us can remember but we're in the midst of what is turning into a wet (and warm so far) fall season.

Anyway, all through practice I was watching these awesomely large cumulus clouds.  Some became storms and got us wet.  Others just stayed big and white and really cool.  These things were so tall the high altitude winds were slicing off the very tops and smudging them across the sky. On the way home from practice we noticed the back end of a storm cell lit up by the setting sun.  I knew it was too late to shoot that scene but I figured if I got the kids home and hustled to someplace local with a clear view of the eastern sky I could find something interesting.  Here's what I was able to do with the light failing and the mosquitoes attacking.

The light inside the cloud is lightning.  I shot a number of exposures between 8 and 30 seconds playing around with the best exposure.  I just happened to time this one pretty well.

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