Monday, August 6, 2012

Little White Church In Peninsula

We had lunch with some friends recently in a small town in the Cuyahoga Valley called Peninsula.  Locals know all about Peninsula - it's usually crowded on summer weekends because the tow-path for biking and hiking runs right through it, there's a railroad for sightseeing and lots of bicyclists, motorcyclists and others just hanging out at restaurants and shops.  I think it's a close to a tourist destination as we have nearby.

On the way back to the car we walked right past this pretty little church.  I've been by it a hundred times and almost always think 'that's a pretty little church'.  I'm not sure why I stopped to shoot a few photos - it may have been the most difficult time I could have picked though, with the sun so bright and very few clouds.  But if you've seen many of my photographs on this blog or the main website, I like shooting with or into the sun so I think it worked out nicely.

Pretty Little Church, Peninsula, Ohio

If you're reading this from outside of the northeast Ohio area you can get more information on Peninsula at a website run by the Peninsula Chamber of Commerce

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