Friday, August 3, 2012

Hudson Clock Tower

100th Post!

This is number 100 for me.  I know that doesn't seem like much compared to many others who post content online but coming up with a hundred photographs I think are worthy of publication has been a challenge.  You may have noticed I'm taking advantage of the term 'almost' in the description of this blog as my Almost Daily Photo Blog.  That said, I've had alot of fun doing this and don't have any plans to stop.

Hudson Library Photo Gallery

The Hudson Hub Times printed a small article on my photo display at the Hudson Library.  You can read the article online here: .  If you live in Hudson, the article ran in the August 1st edition of the paper.  The display runs through the end of August.  I've gotten quite a few very nice comments from people who stopped by.  I really do appreciate it.

Hudson Clock Tower

The Clock Tower in downtown Hudson is probably the best known symbol of the town I live in.  As such, it's photographed quite a bit.  The tower itself sits on the northwest corner of a public space right in the middle of town.  There are some interesting angles but nearby traffic lights and retail shops right behind it make an uncluttered background a little tricky.  So instead of trying to avoid cars, the traffic light and other nearby lights I sort of embraced them and actually amplified the role of those 'distractions' in this photo.

Hudson Clock Tower, Hudson, Ohio

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