Friday, August 31, 2012

Game Day at Malson Field

Hudson Library Photo Gallery

My two months or so displaying photos in the Hudson Library is coming to a close this weekend.  I've very much enjoyed being able to show some of my work and I love hearing about people who have stopped by to see it.  The response has been terrific and has inspired me to shoot even more.  By the time this post goes online we'll be down to twenty-fours hours remaining.

If you haven't made it to the Library and are interested in seeing the work that is hanging there now you can visit all of the images online here:

Many of my images are available for sale or purchase in a variety of print styles and finishes.  To see the whole lot of them check out the portfolio link on my website at

Daily Photo

If you are checking the dates on my posts the last month or so I haven't been daily.  At all.  :-)  One of the reasons, albeit a minor one, is spending more time on a football field.  I love being around the kids and the games.  I shoot quite a few action photos of the games and share them online here for the players, cheerleaders and their parents.

During breaks in the action I sometimes throw on the wide angle Canon 10-22 and shoot some field and sky combinations.  I liked the contrast of the new green artificial turf and the blue sky and white clouds and did the telephoto lens to wide angle lens switch real quick and voila, here you go.

Scott Malson Field, Hudson, Ohio

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