Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Week Of Football

Two of my kids play football (american football, not what we call soccer in the States).  They are in the middle of their first week of practice right now.  There's a week of conditioning which mostly involves running and other drills getting their bodies ready for contact, which starts next week.  This first week is also very social - many of the kids and parents haven't seen much of each other for the summer so it's nice to see everyone again.

Even with all the activity around me last night I wasn't so interested in shooting action photos of the kids just yet.  Those sorts of photos will come in time.  You can check out my sports photography in these galleries.  What caught my eye was the sky over the practice field, lit by the setting sun behind the camera.  That's local youth football program ( practice field in the foreground and the former Hudson High School football stadium in the background.

Hudson Hawks Practice Field, Hudson Ohio

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