Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wet Rails

My nine year old has been asking all week to hit the skate board park just south of downtown Hudson.  I promised him I wouldn't publish any photos of his trick-bike riding over the jumps and stuff so I had to make do with other interesting things.  Since it rained earlier in the day there were lots of puddles.  And to my son's dismay alot of standing water on the ramps and rails.  I guess it's easy to do the skate-board-park equivalent of losing a ski edge when it's wet like this.  I wouldn't know.  My tendons and ligaments start hurting just watching him slide around.  He hits the ground and mostly hops right back up.  After watching some of the falls this morning I know for sure I wouldn't get right back up.

Anyway, one of the rails toward the back section of the park had some cool water droplets all down its length.  It was just asking for a photo.

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