Friday, July 27, 2012

Vertigo In The Tree Tops

I've been looking for that classic looking-up-into-the-trees photo for a while now.  One that shows the canopy from below, looking almost straight up.  I finally got a good one but when I view it I get a little dizzy, almost like I'm actually standing there looking straight up.  See if that happens to you.

I shot this by wandering around the Brecksville Reservation, no surprise, looking straight up through the trees.  I've posted images from this area before.  The Cleveland Metroparks website is full of details.  The morning sun was just hitting the very tops so I was confident I could find something I liked.  This grove of trees is cool because they are tall and straight and the branches don't start until nearly at the top of the tallest ones.  Anyway, see if you get a dizzy little feeling on this one.  No tipping over and falling.  :-)

Brecksville Reservation Tree Tops, Brecksville Ohio

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