Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sunrise Over The Salt Marsh

South of Kure Beach, North Carolina is Federal Point.  This is the same general vicinity of Fort Fisher and the North Carolina Aquarium.  The main road here basically ends in a boat ramp where people launch kayaks and fishing boats into something called The Basin.  It's an area between the Atlantic Ocean, a bunch of salt marshes and the Cape Fear river.  That's where this photo was taken, standing more or less beside the boat ramp shooting north and east into the rising sun over a salt marsh.

The recent pattern of early morning storms held up again, the remnants of which you see to the right and out to sea.  I love the way the marsh grass was blowing back and forth in the wind when I was standing there early one morning in the last few days.  The contrast of the green against the early morning sky was beautiful.  I think (hope) I accurately captured that feeling here.

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