Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sunrise at Haviland Lake, Durango Colorado

Photo Exhibit at Hudson Library Starts Soon

If you live near Hudson, Ohio you can see some of my photographs printed and framed the rest of this month through the end of August.  The local library has a small display area in a hall just off the main entrance (to your left as you are coming in).  I'm displaying prints of a few of the images you've seen on this blog and a couple that I don't think have been published before.  We're scheduled to setup tomorrow morning (Wednesday the 11th) so hopefully that works out.  I've shared images online but this is the first time I've shown any of my work printed in public.

Daily Photo

I've started using the prefix 'almost' whenever I describe my daily photo blog.  I've been distracted recently but hope to get back to posting content again almost every day.  See, there it is again - 'almost'

Today's photo is a summer time morning in the mountains just north of Durango, Colorado.  We had been fishing for trout in this lake the night before and while everyone else slept in a bit I was out looking for some sunlight on those distant peaks (which I learned later are actually named the Hermosa Cliffs).

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