Thursday, July 19, 2012

Poplar Grove Peanut Plantation

Between Wilmington, NC and Topsail Beach is a cool place we found earlier this week called Poplar Grove Plantation.  It's an old peanut plantation that started in the late 1700's and was owned and operated by a local family until the 1970's.  We spent a couple of hours touring the main house and grounds which contain a number of interesting things including a working blacksmith.  The house tour is mostly done in the first person with the tour guide assuming the identity of one of the original family members.  Like many of these operations, the property is a non-profit historical society run by volunteers.  You can see more about them on their website at  I may have just missed it since we spent so much time in the house and with the blacksmith but I did't see much on the operations side of farming and harvesting peanuts.

The photo in this post is shot from the front of the manor house.  No photos allowed inside, btw.  I don't like that but I understand.  If they allowed photos everyone would have to use flashes.  Except us tricky guys who know about high ISO and a little noise control.  :-)

Poplar Grove Peanut Plantation, Wilmington, North Carolina

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