Friday, July 20, 2012

My Favorite Carolina Beach

Earlier this week I mentioned posting alot of beach photos.  Here's another.  It stormed pretty hard about an hour before sunrise so I wasn't sure if I'd find anything photo-worthy along the beach but it actually worked out pretty well.  I shot a number of photos along the beach but this was my very first as I walked up, across the small boardwalk and over the dunes.  I was hoping for some sunlight on the distant cumulus clouds but the angle wasn't quite right - they were too far offshore.  I haven't done any post processing on the other images I shot this morning so maybe something more interesting comes of those but I am pretty happy with this one.  It feels like the post-storm, early morning beach scene I found this morning.  I mostly had the place to myself, which was great.

In case you are interested this is Carolina Beach.  It's in what I think of as a series of beaches including Kure, Wrightsville, Topsail, etc.  Carolina Beach is a nice little community with mostly vacation homes relatively close to the water.  No surprise, it has a cool beach-vacation vibe.  I don't want to sound like a travel agent, (because I'm not and my travel advice is suspect anyway) but you can check find out more about Carolina Beach and this area in general at

After The Storm, Carolina Beach, North Carolina

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