Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hudson Library Photo Exhibit

Earlier today we put some prints on display at the Hudson Library.  This represents just a part of my collection if images, many of which have been posted on this blog.  Seeing photos online is great but often times a photo really becomes a photo when it's printed and displayed.  Details and hours of the library can be found on the Hudson Library and Historical Society website .

I'm pretty excited about this.  It's the first time I've displayed anything publicly.  The process of choosing images to print, framing or mounting them and taking care of a number of small details took alot more time that I thought it would but I learned quite a bit.  I'm curious to see how people react.  Everything on display is available for purchase.  It seems the gap between "I really like that" and "I want to buy that" is pretty big.

Many of the images in the gallery are from the Hudson area but it also includes Colorado, California and other images from my travels.  I've arranged an online gallery of the images on my website at which you can view here if you want to take a look and live too far from Hudson or north east Ohio to visit in person.

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