Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Foggy Morning

En route to shooting some of the other  photos I've posted previously showing early morning sunrises over the Santa Barbara coastline I walked along streets and under streetlamps that had a eerie, ghost-like quality to them.  It's a little spooky, to be honest.  I've never really liked being alone in the dark so I can't say I like the feeling but there is something cool about the way the street looks shrouded in the mist or fog of an early morning marine layer just a few hundred yards from the ocean.

Across the street is a little coffee shop getting ready to open for the day.  If you look closely there's someone sitting in front of the shop just past the bikes.  I didn't notice him until well after I was done with this shot and was moving on.  Not sure if he slept there or was waiting for the store to open.

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