Friday, July 20, 2012

Done With Engines

This post title is a bit overly dramatic for the end of a three hour fishing trip that took us just a couple of miles off the North Carolina coast.  I think 'done with engines' or 'through with engines' is a phrase used after a long sea voyage when the voyager is officially over, the ship is secured and won't need to be moved any time soon.   Someone may need to correct me on this.  I recall reading this in a W.E.B. Griffin novel.  One of the characters had a summer home or retreat named something like Through With Engines or Done with Engines.  The character was Fleming Pickering in case you are a Griffin novel fan.

The charter captain allowed me to climb around the cabin and onto the bow to shoot this photo into the sun after we had tied up.  In case you're wondering they tie up stern-first, meaning the boat backs into its berth so the aft cabin faces the dock and allows the charter captains to show off the days catch to passers-by.  While he was doing that I was shooting the sunset to show it off to you.

End of The Trip, Carolina Beach Fishing Charter, Carolina Beach, NC

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