Monday, June 18, 2012

Wide Is Good

I'm not really a camera gear-head.  I like using new stuff and pay attention to what certain camera models can do but I can't quote specs or explain the difference between certain versions of camera bodies.  Some of my favorite photos were taken on an old, entry-level DSLR.  I think that's pretty common.  It's more where and when you are than what brand and version you are carrying.

With an exception - wide angle lenses.  I love them; they do stuff standard focal lengths just can't do.  I always like looking into the view finder with a wide angle attached to the camera.  You can see so much.  Since I tend to take more landscape than anything else (with maybe the exception of sports and action photos) really wide angle lenses are perfect for me.

Here's an example.  I could get all of this tree in the frame and still stand really, really close to it.  For me, this kind of shot just works.

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