Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Do You Do Before Work?

In the summer it's really easy to find nice things to shoot.  The days are so long that I'm able to find time, even half an hour, to get outside and shoot some pictures. I'm almost always scouting locations so I have a sense when a spot will look better or the sun with be just right.  People don't always think about it but some of the amazing landscape photos you see online or in print from famous photographers were likely planned a long time in advance.  The photographer had the scene or location worked out but also planned when to be there based on season which dictates position of the sun or moon, amount of foliage, water levels, etc.  It's often more than just time of day.

That said, I'm not famous at anything, I just like to shoot and share photographs.  :-)  I shot this a day or two ago before work.

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