Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sunny and Cool Evening in June

The last few days has been the longest stretch I've gone without a photo post since I started this almost-daily photo blog.  I ran through a stretch recently where I wasn't shooting much.  Instead of combing through archives of photos I'm making an effort to show recent stuff here online because it keeps me on my toes (a trend I may break as soon as tomorrow).

Anyway here is today's photo, Barlow Farm Park again.  A cold front moved through recently leaving us with wind, fast moving clouds and cooler evenings.  My kind of weather.  I had a few minutes to shoot the sunset behind a great subject - the big red barn at Barlow Farm.  I mentioned their website a few posts ago and it got me a bunch of page views from Google Canada for some reason, so I am shamelessly doing it again. Watch for their late summer or early fall event called Fall Harvest Festival.  Here's their web site - //www.casebarlowfarm.com/.

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