Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Cup Of Joe

On the way to the beach and wharf near downtown Santa Barbara are a number of shops, restaurants and other interesting spots.  I've said before that there's a vibe here that's pretty cool.  There's this interesting combination of wealth, people living on the street and an immigrant community mixed together with a California view of the world that I really like.  The ocean and coastline is a backdrop to all of this so maybe that's why I like it out there so much.  I'm definitely more of a Pacific Ocean guy, regardless of what part of the North American coast I'm on versus an Atlantic Ocean guy.  The one spot on the east coast I like the best is Maine and at least in terms of geography that feels like the northern portions of the west coast.  Go figure.  :-)

This photo is on the way back from shooting pictures of the wharf in Santa Barbara.  I think it's right across from the hotel I was staying at.  My intent was simulating a double exposure, showing inside stuff and outside stuff reflected in the glass.  The more you look around the more you see, like the bike in the lower right.

(disclaimer:  hotel breakfast was free, I had my cup of coffee there)

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