Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fun In the Sun

Take five nine year old boys, add sugary candy, soda, go-carts and bumper boats and mix in a little mob contagion and you get a little of what I did over a recent weekend - a birthday and sleepover for one of my kids.  Not sure what the tradition is for kid birthdays where you live but we often invite a bunch of kids over to spend the night, which is usually alot of fun.  This time was no exception, it really was fun mostly because it was a bunch of great kids.  But we had them out of the house as long as possible including visiting a local recreational place for kids - for a fee you can play for a set number of hours including all sorts of things kids like to do including this photo of the bumper boat pool.  Each boat is surrounded by an inflatable ring and the idea is to run into each other and squirt the other guy with an on-board water gun.  Unsuspecting parents too close to the edge get squirted too, which is why most of the squirter-boats in this photo are at the far end of the arena battling each other.

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