Friday, June 8, 2012

After the Teams Are Gone

Believe it or not I was shooting photos of soccer goals when this baseball field photo just happened.  My two boys and I were out one night recently mostly messing around enjoying being outside together without much to do and definitely no where in particular we had to be.  I noticed a nice evening sky setting up so I grabbed the camera, the kids and a soccer ball and headed for some local fields with a nice open view of the western sky.  We spent a few minutes horsing around and shooting pictures of the soccer field with a nice sky in the background. Those are ok and I'll share them here soon but, as often happens, you come back from shooting pictures with something you didn't initially expect.

The local baseball leagues had just finished their games under the lights and everyone had cleared out so we ran over to the field and got a few shots in before the lights turned off.  The sky was a combination red-orange where the sun was going down and dark and purple-ish where the clouds were too low to reflect light from the sinking sun.  I know because I had been shooting pictures of them all night and watched the light move up and  across these clouds as the sun sank over the horizon opposite them.  

I love the footprints from the just-completed game and how the half of the sky that still shows residual light seems to stop right at home plate where the darker sun-less part of the sky starts.  I purposefully didn't clean off home plate.  Hope you like it.

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