Friday, May 18, 2012

Under the Waterfall at Hanging Lake

In Colorado near Glenwood Springs is an amazingly cool place called Hanging Lake.  The hike to the lake is about a mile and a half but the vertical is over a thousand feet. Going up is hard work but it's worth it.  Along the way it's typical Colorado - trees and rocks, some awesome views, lots of blue skies and happy photographers.

I have a number of photos of Hanging Lake itself and will share those in another post sometime.  In the meantime here's a shot I thought was interesting and fun to do - there are a series of waterfalls near the lake at the top and obviously some caves come along with the waterfalls.  Of course I had to stand in the cave under the falls and shoot out underneath the falls.

I'm sort of torn on this one.  As much as I like post-processing photos to bring out color, light and textures I don't often remove things or move them around.  In this case I had water drops all over the lens.  We ran between the waterfall and cave to get into the back and got wet in the process.  Plus in this environment there's water just hanging around in the air.  So I quickly cloned them out of the photo below before I posted it a few hours ago.  I have to admit that as I type this I'm sort of missing them.  You can see traces of some that I missed.  Maybe I'll do an update of this post later and show you a before and after.  That would be a first for me.  In the meantime I hope you like the waterfall-cave combo.

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